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BoDoion's 7

Is a Madness Panic Contruction Real Time Puzzle Game

You are Piki a Young BoDoion that has been sent out to space in a cryogenically frozen state. After crash landing You realize that the fruit of the this particular Candy planet give you and your babies eternal youth. However we don't all stay young forever, Adult BoDoions are known for eating their young you must construct traps and refill your spaceship with as many Eggs and Babies as you can in order to save your race from extinction.

Name/Title: Kevin Lim ( Programmer)

Email:  Ioribranford@gmail.com

itch.io :  Ioribranford

Name/Title: Jon Raphael Apostol (Programmer)

Email: Jrcapostol@gmail.com

itch.io :JRCapostol

Name/Title: Nicholas Hurst (3D Modeler)

Email: hurstnb19@gmail.com

itch.io : Pixil19Bot1

Name/Title: Rohanie Lucero (2D Artist)

Email:  Rkaylucero@gmail.com

Name/Title: Carlos Noguez

Email: Canoguez@icloud.com (Producer)

itch.io : OctoProGames

Name/Title: Joe Curtis (Generalist)

Email: 22curtijosd@washk12.org

itch.io : Dungeon_Master42

Special Thanks For Music

Name/Title: Lorenzo Eelen (Composer)

Email: lorenzo.eelen@blackdaggeraudio.com

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BoDoeions.zip 58 MB

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